COVID-19 Test Now Available (Restrictions Apply)

COVID-19 Test Now Available (Restrictions Apply)
  • 12:03 am,
  • March 14, 2020

Access to information on demand about your body is a basic human right.

Since the Coronavirus has spread, access to testing has been limited, from the supply of testing kits, to major medical restrictions. In order to be tested patients must show severe signs and symptoms of illness.This has created more and more people who don't meet testing criteria to spread COVID-19 to others. According to the CDC symptoms can occur in 2-14 days, this means the virus can spread to people without the carrier showing any signs or symptoms to hundreds of people, causing exponential exposure. Testing when symptoms are onset can potentially reduce the viral exposure to others, so be PROACTIVE.   

What is the difference between proactive healthcare and reactive healthcare? 
Proactive healthcare is being conscious of yourself, surroundings, others, and using sound judgement when making healthy choices. Often all diseases happen in the body before any symptoms, therefore accessing data about your body through blood testing is just one of the many ways we can be proactive.
A reactive response is much harder to combat when we get sick, often times the cost to access healthcare services is very costly.
Reactive healthcare can come at a big price. Not just to your health, but financially, and to your loved ones too. 


Access COVID-19 Test

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Restrictions will apply for testing. Please READ carefully. This test will be administered at your physicians office. You cannot go into your local Quest PSC for testing . We must be advised of where you will get this test performed before we release your lab requisition.  New Century Labs will fax your req to the appropriate facility for testing. NCL is contracted with over 1,000 physicians nationwide, one of our contracted physicians will need to be your ordering provider.
Please advise this test is restrictive and you must follow testing guidelines only for this test.

Who should get tested?

It’s important to reach out to your doctor immediately if you have any reason to suspect you have COVID-19.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends calling your doctor if you:

  • Experience symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath)
  • Have been in close contact with a person with COVID-19
  • Have recently traveled from an area with a widespread outbreak

Don’t wait. Early detection means you can take precautions right away to limit the spread of the illness to those around you.
Results will be 2-3 days after collection.

Now is the time to be Proactive NOT Reactive. 
New Century Labs


Why all the Restrictions

Restrictions apply ONLY to this test. Ordering labs from our website other than testing for COVID-19 is NOT restrictive. The CDC has set guidelines to performing this test.
New Century Labs however believes that every person who thinks they may have COVID-19 to freely take control of their health. Knowing if you're infected early is much safer for your own health and the community we live and share in. 
Let's be more proactive and not reactive with our healthcare.