Tyrosine or 4-hydroxyphenylalanine is one of the 22 amino acids that are used by cells to synthesize proteins. It is a non-essential amino acid with a polar side group.



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  • Fasting Required: Yes
  • Preferred Specimen: Plasma
  • Patient Preparation: Collect specimen after an overnight fast (or at least 4 hours after a meal) if possible. Non-fasting samples are acceptable for pediatric patients.
  • Reference Range(s):
    ≤30 Days 33-160 µmol/L
    31 Days-23 Months 24-125 µmol/L
    2-17 Years 31-108 µmol/L
    ≥18 Years 38-96 µmol/L
  • Turnaround Time: 3 Days
  • Test Code: 902