VLDL Cholesterol


High levels of VLDL cholesterol have been associated with the development of plaque deposits on artery walls, which narrow the passage and restrict blood flow. VLDL (Bad) Cholesterol. Expand Section. VLDL contains the highest amount of triglycerides. VLDL is considered a type of bad cholesterol, because it helps cholesterol build up on the walls of arteries.

VLDL Cholesterol


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  • Fasting Required: Yes
  • Preferred Specimen: Serum
  • Patient Preparation: Patient should fast 9-12 hours prior to collection
  • Test Includes: Triglycerides, VLDL (calculation)
  • Reference Range(s):
      Male (mg/dL) Female (mg/dL)
    ≤9 Years 30-104 33-115
    10-14 Years 33-129 38-135
    15-19 Years 38-152 40-136
    >19 Years <150 <150
    VLDL Cholecterol <30 mg/dL (calc)
  • Turnaround Time: 3 Days
  • Test Code: 319