New Century Labs, a way to better health!

At New Century Labs, we believe healthcare  should be affordable and empowering to everybody. Our goal is provide  Americans with the most affordable and accessible lab tests in the country, using the most reliable diagnostic companies. Our lab tests are discounted from 50-90% off what you would pay at your doctors office and often times much lower than using health insurance to cover lab tests.

Becoming proactive with your healthcare is the first step in combating unwanted health problems, and we believe proper healthcare starts at the core fundamentals of diagnostic testing.


I saved 80% with New Century Labs!

New Century Labs helped me identify a serious health issue I didn’t even know existed. When I lost my job I also lost my insurance coverage and couldn’t get my healthcare covered. I went to New Century Labs and received 80% off my lab tests. I discovered I was diabetic and didn’t even know it! Now that I have healthcare insurance I’m finding their labs are cheaper than my out of pocket cost, even with insurance!

Thank you New century Labs for offering your services.

Linda Hemlock Dallas, TX