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Still have questions?

Here are some of the commonly asked questions people have about lab testing

Absolutely! We encourage you to take your lab test results to your doctor if you need to.
It depends on the test most tests take 24-72 hours to complete, however some test may take longer, please click on the test you are interested in to find out more information on timing.
Yes, all you have to do is email customer service with the test code(s) and name of the test(s) we will make sure you get it.
It depends on the test, some tests do not require fasting, please read the description under patient prep to find out if fasting is required.
We would be more than happy to send you an itemized receipt for you to submit to your insurance provider. There is no guarantee they will pay for your lab test.
Absolutely, we take Health Savings cards in addition to Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.
NCL does not provide any medical advice. please discuss your lab test results with your doctor.
You can call 1-800-519-2997 and email customer service at