The very center of healthcare starts at the core
fundamentals of diagnostic blood testing.

When information about your body matters most to you, our goal is to help you access it so you can make informed decisions about your health. Our main goal is to help empower individuals with easy access to blood tests custom tailored to each and everybody’s individual needs. Our mission is to help individuals take better control of their healthcare, ultimately to prevent and treat potential diseases early.

We believe health and wellness starts by getting to know the real “you” from inside out.


World class service from start to finish

We treat everybody here like a member, but without any membership fees. We strive to be the lowest cost providers in the United States online with the highest quality service and fast result delivery times.

Security and privacy

Your information from ordering tests to receiving results are kept confidential and secure. We follow extremely strict HIPAA guidelines and your information will never be sold or made public.


We have over 2,300 patient service centers throughout the United States for you to take your lab orders to. Feel free to just show up with your lab order, no appointment necessary.

New Century Labs is powered by Quest Diagnostics, the
world’s most credible and advanced Lab.