Trichomonas STI Parasite



Trichomonas vaginalis primarily infects the urogenital tract, including the vagina in women and the urethra in both men and women. It is transmitted through sexual contact, including vaginal intercourse, anal intercourse, or sharing sex toys. It can also be transmitted from mother to newborn during childbirth.


Trichomoniasis is considered one of the most common curable STIs worldwide. However, it can often go undiagnosed as many infected individuals do not experience noticeable symptoms. When symptoms do occur, they can include:

Women: Vaginal itching, burning, or irritation; abnormal vaginal discharge (usually frothy, yellow-green, or gray with a strong odor); discomfort during urination or sexual intercourse; redness and swelling of the vulva; and occasionally, lower abdominal pain.

Men: Discharge from the urethra (usually clear or white); discomfort or pain during urination or ejaculation; and rarely, irritation or itching inside the penis.


Trichomonas vaginalis can also infect other areas of the body, such as the urinary tract in men and women, and the upper genital tract in women. In pregnant women, trichomoniasis has been associated with adverse outcomes such as preterm birth and low birth weight.

Trichomonas STI Parasite


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  • Fasting Required: NO
  • Preferred Specimen: Urine
  • Reference Range(s):
  • Patient Preparation

    Urine: Patient should not have urinated within one hour prior to collection. Female patients should not cleanse the labial area prior to providing the specimen.


    Transcription-Mediated Amplification (TMA)

    Reference Range(s)

    Not detected

  • Alternative Name(s)

    Trichomoniasis,T.vaginalis,T vaginalis,Vaginitis,Trichomonas Vaginalis RNA,Urine Trichomonas

    Turnaround Time: 3 Days
  • Test Code: 19550