Vitamin E


Deficiency of vitamin E may cause extensive neuropathy in young children and, in addition, is suspect as a possible cause of motor and sensory neuropathy in older children and in adults. One likely cause of vitamin E deficiency is intestinal malabsorption, resulting from bowel disease, pancreatic disease, or chronic cholestasis. Other causes of malabsorption of vitamin E include celiac disease, cystic fibrosis, and intestinal lymphangiectasia.

Vitamin E


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  • Fasting Required: Yes
  • Preferred Specimen: Serum
  • Patient Preparation: Overnight fasting is required.
  • Reference Range(s):
    Adult 5.7-19.9 mg/L
    Term Infants (Cord Blood) 1.8-5.8 mg/L
    4 Months-1 Year ≤9.1 mg/L
    1-2 Years 2.9-16.6 mg/L
    3-5 Years 5.5-11.8 mg/L
    6-8 Years 4.6-14.8 mg/L
    9-11 Years 6.2-14.3 mg/L
    12-17 Years 3.7-12.4 mg/L
    Adult ≤4.3 mg/L
    Pediatric 3-17 Years ≤3.8 mg/L
  • Turnaround Time: 9 Days
  • Test Code: 36168