We want you to get the most information about your body when information about “you” matter most. From wellness starters to proactive warrior® tests holding over 100 bio markers, you get actionable information at your fingertips. You can order bundle tests and add individual tests from our test menu

Wellness Starter


Great way to get a general understanding of many important biomarkers. Includes a quick look at your heart health, blood chemistry, electrolyte functions, liver health, and diabetes.

Wellness Baseline


Slightly more tests than you would get at your physical exam, which includes essential information about hormone balance, heart health, diabetes and various abnormalities.

Optimal Wellness


A much greater focus on nutrition, inflammation that help connect important markers leading to metabolic syndrome risk, and other potential disease screenings

Proactive Warrior®


The most advanced check up to help reclassify heart disease risk with advanced risk profile tests, highly advanced hormone testing, including stress hormones, with additional focus on essential nutritional needs and disease screenings   

Category Bio Markers Wellness StarterWellness BaselineOptimal WellnessProactive Warrior®
Hormone Balance
View T-4 Total
View Thyroglobulin Antibodies
View Thyroid Peroxidase
View T3 Reverse
View T3 Total
View TF4
View T3F
View TSH
View Cortisol AM
Urine Analysis
View Ketones
View Bilirubin
View Appearance
View Color
View Specific gravity
View Microscopic observation
View Glucose
View Reducing substances
View Casts
View Granular casts
View Hyaline casts
View Urate crystals
View Triple phosphate crystals
View Calcium oxalate crystals
View Crystals
View Service comment
View Bacteria
View Yeast
View Amorphous sediment
View Epithelial cells.renal
View Transitional cells
View Epithelial cells.squamous
View Erythrocytes
View Leukocytes
View Leukocyte esterase
View Nitrite
View Protein
View pH
View Magnesium, RBC
View B12
View Vitamin D
Electrolyte Health
View Chloride
View Calcium
View Carbon Dioxide
View Sodium
View Potassium
Liver Health
View Total Protein
View Globulin
View Total Bilirubin
View AST
View ALT
View ALP Alkaline Phosphatase
View Albumin/Globulin Ratio
View Albumin
View Gamma Glutamyl Transferase GGT
View Homocysteine
View hs-CRP
View SED RATE (general inflammation nonspecific)
View Lipid Particle size
View Lipoprotein (a)
View Apolipoprotein B
View Ion Mobility
View Lipoprotein Fractionation
View Non-HDL
View Triglycerides
View HDL Cholesterol
View Total Cholesterol
Blood Health
View MCH
View MCV
View Hematocrit
View Hemoglobin
View RBC
View WBC
View RDW
View Ferritin
View Platelet Count
View MPV
View Lymphocytes
View Monocytes
View Eosinophils
View Basophils
View Iron Total & Binding
Diabetes Risk
View Glucose
View Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c)
Kidney Health
View Creatinine with GFR
View BUN/Creatinine Ratio