Portland, Oregon: a TOXIC AIR MESS

  • 1:16 am
  • December 9th, 2016

It’s their dirty little secret!

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Portland is ranked as one of the topmost toxic and polluted cities in America, yet also ranked as the top eco-friendly city in America. We can’t seem to wrap our fingers around that one. Seems so oxymoronic wouldn’t you say? Don’t let the pretty green trees and over 92,000 acres of green space for hiking, the overly abundant bicycle riders in every direction, and endless city transit fool you. Portland is also ranked to be one of the most toxic and polluted cities in America with over 2,300 permits filed by industrial facilities such as huge mills and major manufacturing to release heavy metal toxicity into the air for people to breath, and it’s all LEGAL. We’re talking about hundreds of tons of toxic compounds into the air. Did I mention, Oregon’s waterways are also one of the worst in the nation too. This is due to 645 tons of toxic chemicals dumped into waterways each year. To put this into perspective that amount of waste is equivalent to 430 Toyota Prius, please excuse the humor Portland.

In our air we breathe these toxins which contain Arsenic, Cadmium, Cobalt, and Nickel, among other toxic heavy metals, and there’s a lot. The toxic air is of course entered in our lungs and into our bloodstream slowly destroying our DNA and ourfuture offspring's DNA as well. This toxic air is significantly linked to major neurological disorders and cancers, yet the law allows it.  And it just so happens to be that the nation’s top industrial air polluters are right here in the Portland Metro area, hmm… go figure. If you’re from the Portland metro area, you’ve probably heard of Portland’s Precision Cast Parts, makers of aircraft and engine parts, and Bulls Eye Glass manufactures located in SE Portland, to title a few, releasing Cadmium, Arsenic, Cobalt, and roughly 30 other toxic substances but has recently added some better filters according to the Oregonian, yet New Century Labs is still getting back very high levels of Arsenic test results from individuals purchasing our  comprehensive  heavy metals tests on our website, by collecting random urine tests. This has us very concerned.

Pointing the finger at just one or two companies  is a great start to take action and to start demanding cleaner air for Portland and surrounding areas. Although the media has the SE glass company on its Bulls Eye (No Pun)  the exposure to people living around OTHER manufacturing companies, factories, and mills, are just as exposed to the same toxicities  for those who live around them, and the Portland Metro area has a lot of industrial  manufacturing.

Testing positive for heavy metals is a major issue, but the question is where should one go who’s tested positive for heavy metal exposure, and where do you go for treatment? How about what is the treatment?

We asked our customers who ordered these tests, who then took their results back to their Medical Doctors, some of which showed their doctors in Kaiser hospital, they said they didn’t know exactly what the protocol was for treatment,  how to interpret the tests,  and said they may want to go see a Naturopathic doctor. We spoke to several Naturopathic doctors and they had loads of information on what to do when there’s positive exposure to heavy metals. Apparently heavy metals is a core subject taught in the school of Naturopathic medicine, most MD’s who are involved in heavy metal treatment are specialists.

How about the individual who hasn’t tested for heavy metals who should they talk to and where do they go? Although  NCL will never  give medical advice you should always discuss healthcare issues  with your doctor first.  However access to lab tests at New Century Labs and getting heavy metal testing has been made easy to access, online, on demand, on your terms.

We decided to do some digging and  called the Oregon Health Authority at 1-800-273-0557 they told us to call the EPA. The EPA, what… why?? We asked them specific questions about how one can get a test and what the cost would be, even asked who the diagnostic companies were offering testing. Of course they had no answer, and no protocol in place, yet they get several calls per day regarding this question.

Although I was disappointed with their answers we found more resources–I’m on to something! Multnomah County Health Department, they should know! We asked them the same questions were asked, although we got better answers, access to obtaining Heavy metal tests sounded daunting, yet they also didn’t know who the diagnostic testing providers were, and couldn’t answer how much it would cost, the tests weren’t free even if you worked in Bulls Eye Glass and were exposed every day!

Its seems that the main focus with city, county, and government officials has not  been so focused on  peoples questions and concerns about getting tests, especially people who cannot afford them, and what to do when you test positive for heavy metals. When we called the Oregon Health Authority we were put on hold for 30 min, and 20 minutes with the county health clinic, and that’s just on the phone. Now you have to drive there, sit in the waiting room, pay your co-pay and then see the doctor for 5 min who may or may not give you a lab order for a metals test.

As much as government officials have tried to provide resources, we believe the resources are simply not enough and very frustrating for many.

New Century Labs is a private company located in the heart of Lake Oswego, our business is digital, automated, and extremely efficient. Folks concerned about heavy metal tests can order labs from our website, or by simply calling us at 1-800-519-2997 to place an order. If you cannot afford a test we will work with you to make sure you get your tests done ASAP.

NCL is far more efficient, we can create a lab order and email it to you fast, sometimes within minutes, and you can visit one of our affiliated patient service centers to get your labs done without making an appointment. Your results are emailed back to you in 5 business days or less. You can then take your lab test results and start having a meaningful conversation with your doctor.

Our goal at NCL is to break apart from the traditional system of obtaining lab tests. This means giving people access to labs on demand when they want it, lowering the price up to 90% off and showing transparency with no surprise bill, all while performing these tests at the highest diagnostics quality, we choose to work with Quest Diagnostics. You have resources now, we’re looking forward to serving you at NCL as your preferred source for lab testing.



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