This Blood Test Can Help Prevent a Heart Attack

  • 8:27 pm
  • March 24th, 2017

Knowing Your LDL Particle Size Can Help Prevent a Future Heart Attack

When you measure your lipids annually you’re just getting what is traditionally thought of as one of the many preventative blood tests, which measure Total Cholesterol, basic LDL (BAD) HDL (GOOD) and total Triglycerides. What the blood test isn’t reporting is the actual particle sizes, such as your LDL particle size.

Knowing your LDL particle size can be a much stronger indictor of cardiovascular events, which is only found in advanced lipid profile tests.

Statists show that 50% of patients who ended up in the ER due to a heart attack event had normal lipid panels. Studies have shown the importance of LDL-particle size. Research have shown that folks with small LDL particles have a much greater risk of coronary heart disease, where as a large and fluffy type of LDL is thought of the most protective type of LDL size—information not found in standard lipid tests.


LDL Particle size does matter.

Our liver will produce anywhere from 1-2 grams of cholesterol per day! Cholesterol production comes from our diet, stress (high cortisol) and genetics. Production can decrease when we eat a healthy diet, stress less, and live in healthy environments. Cholesterol is necessary though to produce vitamin D, steroid hormones, memory function, and hormone balance. However, as small LDL particles flows through your arterial walls, it can begin to increase inflammation in your arteries causing stroke, causing plaque buildup, reducing blood flow to your heart.


Hidden Cardiovascular Risk

With basic Cardiovascular testing, results can’t come close to telling your doctor your risks to heart disease as advanced lipid tests. The question is why are physicians not offering advanced lipid profile testing to their patients? The answer is the high cost and extensive interpretation of results. Right now, when you ask your doctor for an advanced lipid profile test most likely your insurance company will not cover these tests, leaving you with a high bill in the hundreds. has advanced lipid testing available for a fraction of the cost so that your doctor can help reclassify your risk to heart disease.


The Cardio IQ Test Can Help Identify Your Cardiovascular Risks

The Cardio IQ® Advanced Lipid Profile Test (92145) offered by New Century Labs and powered by Quest Diagnostics for just $99.00 is developed to help uncover the possible hidden risks to your cardiovascular health. Using the results of your test(s), your doctor will be able to develop a plan to set goals and treatment strategies to help reduce your overall cardiovascular risk.

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