2017 Tick and Lyme Disease Warning

  • 11:02 pm
  • July 23rd, 2017

Worried about Lyme Disease? There’s a cheap blood test for that.

The CDC, Center of Disease Control is warning about an influx of swarming Ticks throughout the United States, spreading Lyme Disease. But there’s a double-shot of bad news that comes along with the influx.

A new, and possibly fatal, tick-borne illness called Powassan, has arrived and this summer they are here, causing painful swelling in the brain killing 10% of people infected, or causing permanent brain damage. Powassan is much different than contracting Lyme Disease as Lyme disease can be treated if caught early, unlike Powassan.

There is a report of 30,000 confirmed cases per year, but there are 10-15X more unconfirmed cases of Lyme disease in the United States according to the CDC in upwards of 300,000 to 500,000 annually.

Influx in ticks in 2017 you ask?

The mice population is increasing, which is helping Ticks spread their sinister love. Mice and some other small creatures carry around a little bacterium shape, that looks like paisley pasta under a scope.

The mice then pass it to the Tick, then the Tick passes it to a person when it bites. Ticks can easily jump from a tree as you pass by, or even a bush, making its way to your skin. Lyme causes fevers, arthritis, flu like symptoms, and in bad cases it damages the heart quickly.

Going back in time to the 80’s and early 90’s Lyme disease was confined by just a few areas in the United States like Southern New England and Western Wisconsin, but now ticks have swarmed all over the country primarily in the eastern part of the US, but with heavy pockets in the Western part of the US too; up a whopping 400% increase than last year.

Deep thought time.

Often, we think catching Lyme disease happens only when you’re out on a hike or camping in the woods, this in fact is NOT true. When you cut down trees for various types of commerce, such as a new housing development, to title one, you tend to disrupt the eco system. Take a forest or a farm that has been fragmented. When you have larger animals, who hunt for little mice those predators, who don’t do much breeding, are dominant in this undisrupted landscape. Predators such as foxes, coyotes, large birds like owls and hawks, will find an easy catch like a mouse for a fast meal. But predators in developed land tend to vanish allowing mice to multiply and thrive, and especially in new suburban developments—they crank out babies like no body’s business; mice are chronically infected with Lyme and covered in Ticks—hence creating a Lyme factory.

Therefore, if you think you’re at risk just when you’re camping, think again—you are at the same risk as you garden or even walking your dog in the neighborhood.
It’s often hard to spot a Tick attached to you, as Ticks attach behind your ears, back of neck, armpits and even the growing area, however there is a way to pluck them off. The key is to not pull them off too fast as their heads can get stuck into your skin.

And the good news is.....

There is cure for Lyme disease, but it depends on how fast you get treated, the faster the better. And knowing if you are infected with Lyme Disease is done through 1 single drop of blood. Access to getting your blood tests can be as simple as ordering blood test right here.
The test is called: Lyme Disease Antibody with Reflex to Blot (IgG, IgM) Sounds like a mouth full but it’s very comprehensive and its dirt cheap, detecting positive/negative Lyme disease just after contact and as far out as many years if you think you have it.

Often, Doctors miss the mark when diagnosing patients with Lyme disease because it can mimic many other more common chronic diseases, such as the common Flu, or even arthritis, and genetic heart disease. Hence why the CDC believes that cases in the US is more like 300,000-to 500,000 per year not the stated 30,000.
Look for the Lyme test with Antibodies?

Antibodies are simply proteins that your body makes when it responds to a foreign, or even harmful ingredients, called antigens. The most common antigens include: bacteria, viruses, fungi, and even chemicals. Your body will start to produce “antibodies” when you are infected Lyme (Borrelia burgdorferi) the bacterium that causes Lyme disease. These Lyme disease-specific antibodies will show in your blood test and you will be positive. Likewise, if you have never been exposed to Borrelia burgdorferi, (Lyme) you will not have any Lyme disease antibodies in your system; In this case, your test will be negative.

If you feel you may have Lyme disease, get tested fast and get treatment ASAP, often times it’s as simple as taking a specific type of heavy duty antibiotics, prescribed only by your treating Medical Doctor.
Since Lyme disease is difficult to diagnose and you’re wondering why you’re feeling tired, restless, have the flu, headaches, joint pain or generally unhealthy, Its super easy to rule out Lyme disease through a simple blood test, that way you can rule out this devastating disease.

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