Why You Should Stop Getting Standard Lipid Tests

  • 4:18 am
  • December 9th, 2016

Did you know that 50% of patients who wind up in the ER for heart attacks all had normal cholesterol results?

But I thought a normal cholesterol test meant I have a healthy heart, after all the results came back normal, right?

Here’s some hard facts, the standard lipid test was invented over 40 years ago, yet it’s still used today as the gold standard to determine heart health, yet heart disease continues to be the leading cause of Death in America, causing 1 in every 3 deaths in the United States.

One in every American Dies of cardio vascular Disease every 40 seconds, 635,000 Americans will have a heart attack every year, 280,000 Americans per year will have a recurrent heart attack, thus resulting in a massive spending influx on heart related issues.

When results that come back with higher than normal cholesterol levels the standard protocol is to give a patient one of six prescription drugs potentially used to lower cholesterol levels, such as Lipitor or Crestor, so why the increase in our overwhelming population of heart attacks?

However, many doctors are still scratching their heads and still prescribing patients to take the standard cholesterol test, which won’t detect which drug is the best for therapy, unless however, a more advanced lipid profile test is utilized such as The Cardio IQ created by Quest Diagnostics or the advanced LLP Plus test by SpectraCell. Both of which can actually hone in on how, why, where, and what treatment plan is needed to help save your heart from disease.

What Advanced lipid profile tests measure are The LDL particle number, Small, Medium, large, and the LDL pattern (A or B), in addition to your LDL peak size, Apoliprotein B and Lipoprotein (a). This information could potentially save your life and can help you get back to a better state of heart health by picking the right pharmaceutical therapy prescribed by your doctor.

The reality is disease happens to everybody before symptoms first appear; just because you’re not symptomatic doesn’t mean your clear of health related issues. NCL wants you to take charge of your health early, not after the fact where solutions become scarce. Advanced lipid profile tests today have made it easier than ever to catch potential heart disease early helping you take immediate action with your doctor.

We believe if more doctors offered advanced lipid profile tests to patients, and insurance companies paid for them more frequently, Americans facing heart related risks would have a higher probability of avoiding heart attacks.

So what’s been the setback? Pricing, accessibility, INSURANCE COMPANIES.

  • Did you know even if you have insurance and met your deductibles your lab test may not be covered?
  • This is why Americans are constantly let down when the thought of being proactive about healthcare comes to play– we get slammed with a big denial when we’re not symptomatic. Sounds a bit odd.
  • Wouldn’t health insurance companies want you to request advanced testing to avoid a major healthcare payout?

As puzzled as we are, www.newcenturylabs.com eliminates all the middlemen, making access to life saving testsmore affordable and accessible, saving patents health, money and eliminating the feeling of uncertainty.

When you’re given the freedom to access vital information; when answers are no longer scares, healthy actions immediately follow. Become proactive and order lab tests on demand, on your terms!


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