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Traditionally to order a lab test you have to make an appointment to see your doctor, wait in clinic waiting room with other sick patients, pay your copay, pay the doctors fee and get a surprise bill in the mail, why would you want to go through the stress? Browse our test menu and order on demand, on your terms, it’s the 21st century.

Blood Disorders

Quest Test Codes Tests Names Select All
Quest Test Codes Tests Names Select All
7788 ABO Group and RH Type View
6399 CBC (includes Differential and Platelets) View
457 Ferritin View
461 Fibrinogen Activity View
509 Hematocrit View
35489 Hemoglobinopathy Evaluation View
31789 Homocysteine View
571 Iron Total View
8847 Prothrombin Time with INR View
7573 Total Iron, Iron Binding Capacity % Saturation (calculated) View
891 Transferrin View